What's the difference between a copy edit and a developmental edit?

Developmental Editing

A breakdown

Have you ever read a book that made you think, "Wait, what?" The character you thought you knew suddenly has the power to fly or references a baby after fifty pages of childlessness. 

These are issues with plot or character. A developmental edit fixes these issues BEFORE a reader sees them. This is a collaboration between the two of us that helps elevate your manuscript to the next level. As your editor, I can assure your prose has a nice flow and keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end.

Here's a sample of a developmental edit I did for Jose Amador Santana, a Mexican author who wanted to publish his Spanish-language book in English:

Copy editing

What to expect

Nothing distracts readers more than typos, weird font choices, or the wrong punctuation. Programs like Grammarly don't catch every mistake and often misread a writer's mistakes, leaving them in the finished product. 

A copy edit helps you catch any and all mistakes before you go to print. Transform your manuscript from amateur to professional with this option and I'll go over your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb. Nothing will get past me.

Below is a copy edit sample I did for a first-time author. 

Book Blurbs

to help you sell more copies

A book blurb requires a special touch - customers want a taste of your story, but no spoilers or dead giveaways. You need a paragraph that makes them excited to buy your book RIGHT NOW.

I write blurbs for the company bestsellerblurb.com and specialize in helping new or independent authors build up their fan base. Blurbs have a special place in my heart and I can write you one that sings.

Below are a few book blurbs I wrote for independent authors:

finding marius text.PNG