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here to take you from one-star reviews to five-star raves

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Wondering if You Need an Editor?

Authors who don't get a professional edit open themselves up to consistently bad reviews. 

Readers don't buy books based on interest - they go by recommendations. Your best recs come from five-star ratings from your fans. 

But what happens when you have a one star review? You scare off potential fans and keep them from giving you a chance. 

Customers who spot mistakes or bad writing in your manuscript take it upon themselves to warn other, potential buyers, tanking your sales and shutting down your next book before you even start.

Think I'm exaggerating? Check out these REAL one-star reviews on Amazon:

Professional editor.png



If this book is the most horrific thing the devil can come up, I think humanity is safe from the threat of hell.


This might be the worst book I've ever read. No, it is the worst book I've ever read...It needs serious editing. I wish I had bought the book instead of the Kindle version. I would give me great satisfaction to throw it into a fire.


The one piece of advice I'll take from this book is to "only do things that make you happy." Which would be to stop reading this awful book!

The right editor can get you stellar, five-star reviews

I can offer you a professional copy edit or developmental edit to help your book shine.

  • Copy editing checks your grammar, spelling, word choice, and sentence structure.

  • Developmental editing makes your book flow and a joy to read

"I have read every book in this series and eagerly await the next one. Well written and edited with wonderful story lines. I very highly recommend that you treat yourself to these great books!"

What My Clients Say



Kate Shelton

Lindsay is a person of her word, and that is the most valuable trait you can find in an editor. Lindsay offered to help me get a sample of my book ready for a submission and delivered on the tight deadline I was under. Her edits were thoughtful and helpful, and she caught/recognized many things I could not see myself. I enjoyed working with her and will definitely use her for future projects. -

Blog Editors


Zuva S.

"Last year Lindsay wrote an excellent piece for our publication. Not only was the piece beautifully written, but it was also technically superb. She is a wonderful article writer, and I highly recommend her services. "

Zuva S. | Founder and EiC of An Inustice!

Marketing Professionals


Anthony P.

"Lindsay is truly dedicated to her craft of writing and editing, with a keen eye for detail and storytelling. Being able to see the story (whether fiction, or in marketing) from a 30,000 ft view, then zoom in to see how it works on a more nuanced level is a special skillset not every wordsmith has. I highly recommend Lindsay!"

Anthony P. | CEO of Fusemate

Contact me for a copy or developmental edit.

I will:

  • help you clean up your text so your reader can focus on story, not typos

  • go over your story structure to make sure your characters, plot, and voice shine on every page

  • develop your book so that readers can't put it down

After your book is published, I can help you with your Amazon page, your blurb, and any additional materials, blogs included.