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Bestselling ghostwriter turned stellar editor

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With help from your new best friend


Stuck on page one of your incredible new book? I can help you plot out your book and get it done. One chapter away from the end? Let's finish this thing and get you published. Not sure how to market yourself? I'll walk you through it with my practiced, proven process I've developed for authors just like you. 

Don't go it alone - Contact Me today and let's walk through this difficult process together and GET YOU PUBLISHED.

Get the Help You Want, the Way You Want

Copy Editing

Polish your manuscript and make it shine with a professional copy edit from me. I'll make sure your book is on par with the pros and reads beautifully, generating MORE SALES for you. 

Help with story and characters

Get notes and comments with a solid developmental edit from me. We can meet one-on-one via video, over email, or any way that helps you best. I can get your story back on track and help get stellar, five-star reviews for you.  

Support for New Writers

Outline your book, build your writing habit, and get accountability checks to help you kickstart your new project. Not sure what you want to write or struggling to develop a story? I have solutions for you. 

Blurbs, Ads, and Marketing

Professional help with book promotion, an SEO optimized blurb, and ads that generate clicks. Take advantage of my copywriting and marketing skills so your book can sell and potentially make money for you

Tell Me What You Need

I work with your budget and your timeline

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A sliding scale

I know writers don't make millions, so I adjust my charges to what you can afford. Services may get scaled up or down depending on what you are able to pay, but I'm happy to work with you on your level

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Collaboration and Support

Writing can be incredibly lonely and stressful. Why do it alone? Contract me as your weekly check-in, your sounding board, your writing coach. I will get you to the final page and help you publish.

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Pick and Choose

If you only want one quick talk, a blurb, some ad help, shoot me an email and we'll get it done. Take advantage of my myriad of experience  - I write, ghostwrite, edit, and market. Let me know what you need and I'll do it for you. 



Kate Shelton

Lindsay is a person of her word, and that is the most valuable trait you can find in an editor. Lindsay offered to help me get a sample of my book ready for a submission and delivered on the tight deadline I was under. Her edits were thoughtful and helpful, and she caught/recognized many things I could not see myself. I enjoyed working with her and will definitely use her for future projects. -



Zuva S.

"Last year Lindsay wrote an excellent piece for our publication. Not only was the piece beautifully written, but it was also technically superb. She is a wonderful article writer, and I highly recommend her services. "

Zuva S. | Founder and EiC of An Inustice!



Anthony P.

"Lindsay is truly dedicated to her craft of writing and editing, with a keen eye for detail and storytelling. Being able to see the story (whether fiction, or in marketing) from a 30,000 ft view, then zoom in to see how it works on a more nuanced level is a special skillset not every wordsmith has. I highly recommend Lindsay!"

Anthony P. | CEO of Fusemate

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